My name is Ben.

Although I wear many hats, I'm primarily a web developer.

I have just finished my CS degree, where my final project was a motion control system for audio-visual performance. Before that I worked at a small studio designing and developing web applications for local businesses, and during my degree I did the same for socities at the university. Additionally, last summer I helped run the YRS Festival of Code.

All this adds up to experience writing front- and back-end code in various languages. I'm most comfortable with all things HTML/CSS/JS and have worked with Ruby on Rails and PHP (including Wordpress and Yii). I'm looking for remote work, so email me if you think I'd be good on your team.

Outside of this work, I have interests in photography and music. I'm currently experimenting with a computer-generated music system.

You can follow the things I share on Twitter and GitHub.